Who is Chris Koncul?

Chris Koncul is a third-generation Savannah home builder providing complete design and build services. Chris grew up in the construction business and has been building and remodeling homes since 2003. His hands-on approach, paired with the highest concern for quality, attention to detail, value and timeliness, make his firm an excellent choice for anyone building, renovating or adding onto their home.

Chris understands the importance of “home” in his clients’ lives, and brings his personal values of honesty and integrity to every project he works on. He prides himself on really listening to his clients to make sure that the end result is everything they envisioned it would be. Chris is always open to suggestion, but will offer his own suggestions if he thinks there is a better way. Communication with the client continues throughout the project as well – Chris is easily reached by phone, email or text at any time and he is always on-site when needed.

It’s in the nature of construction work for unexpected problems to arise, or for clients to want changes, and Chris works hard to make sure problems are handled in the best possible way and changes are accommodated. Clients often remark that he is very responsive to their needs and works well with his subcontractors to ensure that their desires are met. He keeps the client updated on how unexpected situations or changes will impact costs and how to best manage costs during all phases of the project.

Chris graduated from Benedictine Military School in Savannah and went on to play football for the Georgia Institute of Technology. He graduated with a management degree. He and his family attend St. James Catholic Church. 

If you want to work with a builder who is highly skilled, dedicated to quality in every detail and value-conscious, call Chris Koncul to start creating the home of your dreams.


Custom Home Builder

 Chris Koncul bring's with him three generations of experience with him to custom home building, the Koncul's have been building custom homes in Savannah since the early 1900's.

Chris works with a team of trusted contractors to ensure a first class experience for designing and building homes. Whether you are looking to build your permanent residence in the Landing's or you are seeking the perfect vacation home on Tybee, we would love to share our passion with you and help you turn your dreams into reality.

While we have the experience and the professional teams to design and build the perfect home for you, we also take pride in building strong relationships with our clients. A new home is a big investment for you and your family, and we don’t take that lightly. We take care to ensure that you feel comfortable at every stage of the process and have the information you need to make informed, confident decisions.


Do you love your property or your neighborhood, but your house is not fitting your lifestyle anymore? Do you need a larger home to accommodate a growing family, or want to completely update your home’s style?

Savannah can present unique challenges in renovation and remodeling due to our historic roots. Chris Koncul has three generations of experience to draw upon, ensuring that your dream home will match city regulations

If you are looking to remodel in Savannah, Chris Koncul Construction can guide you through all of the hoops of remodeling a house in Savannah. We can update your older home to suit your needs or expand your home to fit your lifestyle. Whatever you are looking for, we  can customize your home to make it uniquely yours.