Is it time to update your home?

Do you love your property or your neighborhood, but your house is not fitting your lifestyle anymore? Do you need a larger home to accommodate a growing family, or want to completely update your home’s style?

Savannah can present unique challenges in renovation and remodeling due to our historic roots. Chris Koncul has three generations of experience to draw upon, ensuring that your dream home will match city regulations

If you are looking to remodel in Savannah, Chris Koncul Construction can guide you through all of the hoops of remodeling a house in Savannah. We can update your older home to suit your needs or expand your home to fit your lifestyle. Whatever you are looking for, we  can customize your home to make it uniquely yours.

When you choose to work with us, you receive professional, uniquely custom advice that will work with your existing home plans to transform your home into the space you have always dreamed of. We work with you from the ground up, designing everything from your architecture to your fixtures to the materials we use for construction. So, whether you are looking to expand the size of your home or update an older home with a modern façade, trust Chris Koncul to guide you through the design process to create the house of your dreams.